Company Profile

PROGRESS Y&Y CORP is a professional manufacturer of automation equipment and semiconductor equipment

The company's main business is customized press welding heads (titanium, molybdenum, copper, ceramics, etc.), semi-automatic hot press, fully automatic hot press, pulse system modules, platform fixtures, semiconductor equipment and other related products. Since its establishment in 2005, it has successfully applied for a variety of patents and developed various types of automated machinery and equipment. Continuous and stable sales and growth. We adhere to the spirit of "excellent quality, technological advancement, and satisfactory service" to meet customer needs. It is expected that, as the company's goal, it will continue to advance.


Company history

2005-2010 Core technology foundation

  • Development of pulse heating system
  • Modular pulse automation equipment
  • Voice coil servo pressure system
  • Vision alignment system
  • Multi-track conveyor system
  • Metal welding head module

2011-2015Market operation

  • 700 Hot press machines sold
  • Release M4, M6, M12 automation equipment
  • Released pulse system C1 module
  • Release of ACF pressing equipment
  • You Yang (Shanghai) Company was established
  • Passed IOS9001 certification

2016-2020 growing up very fast

  • Hot press machine sales 2500 units
  • Vietnam You Yang Company was established and purchased 4000 square meters of land in Bac Ninh, Vietnam to establish a production base
  • Purchased 1,500 square meters of own land in Xinzhuang, Taiwan to establish a R&D center
  • Sales of 500 sets of M4, M6, and M12 automation equipment
  • Enter the semiconductor business